I'm Jenni.

I help creatives fuel their expression, sustain their creativity, and harness ideas through self care & personal exploration.

I believe you can live a better life without without blocks

I know, because I’ve ridden the rollercoaster of feeling stuck, and unstuck.

You don’t have to ride that rollercoaster any longer, my friend.

As a self proclaimed multipassionate & creative human, I was desperate to understand how my brain worked and where my creative blocks came from. I am passionate about helping shift your mindset, setting up self care routines, and putting systems in place for a more fulfilling life. What I have learned is that every creative brain works differently.

We all have different learning styles - and often might become frustrated when we can’t seem to find the flow that works for us. Creating doesn’t have to be complicated. You deserve a life full of passion, fun, creation and pizazz. I’m here to help you get there

I never wanted to be " just one thing"

By weaving photo & design together I was able to unlock many doors to uncover more about the world. I love to share resources with other creatives trying to chart their own path, which led me to coaching. My business thrives on adventures (both inward and outward) - and the creative journey is the most rewarding one I have found in my life. By incorporating self care into my life, I have found a better balance between creation and soothing my nerves.

Start your self care adventure today.