Creative Goddess Show Podcast - Prioritizing Self Care as a Creative Introvert

Jenni Kowal
Creative Goddess Show Podcast - Prioritizing Self Care as a Creative Introvert

Prioritizing self care is a must for any multipassionate creative.

But why is prioritizing self care even MORE essential for creative introverts? I had a wonderful conversation about this with Charlotte Jenkins on episode 43 of the Creative Goddess Show podcast. We bonded over our mutual love for creativity and travel, and discussed the importance of self care (especially for introverts) when running a creative business that requires a lot of soul energy.

Some of the highlights we discussed:

  • How to make self care less overwhelming as a multipassionate introvert (hint: my Self Care Adventure Cards can help!)
  • Ways to check in and reset your energy throughout the day to avoid burnout
  • The importance of play, setting boundaries, and doing things "just for you" to keep your cup filled.
  • How to recognize and explore our different types of energy to build a creative business that sustains us so we can pass that energy on to our clients.

Here's what Charlotte had to say about our chat:

I'm so excited to be back with another awesome guest episode :) I met Jenni in a Facebook Group during recent months and straightaway we knew we had to connect. We met "in person face to face" for the first time in this conversation you're listening to here...We talk about how to prioritise self care as multi passionates who put so much energy into our creations everyday, being introverts in business, and the inspiring nature of travel (and the less fun parts!).

Ready to Listen?

Find the episode here and be sure to leave a raving review!

You can also find Charlotte on Instagram @creativegoddessclub

Need a boost to start prioritizing self care in your life and biz?

My Creative Adventurers Community is the perfect place to start connecting with fellow creatives and participate in monthly self care challenges to keep you on track. Hope to see you inside!

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