The Inward Motion Podcast: Creative Mindfulness & Self Care

Jenni Kowal
The Inward Motion Podcast: Creative Mindfulness & Self Care

What is creative mindfulness, and how does it relate to self care? How does mindfulness INCREASE creativity? I recently had a chance to explore these question with Christy Chadwick on the Inward Motion Podcast ...and friends, let me tell you, we could have gone on all day!

Christy is a multi-passionate therapist, EFT practitioner, Reiki master, aromatherapy guide, reflexologist, and yoga instructor. In other words, she knows a thing or two about mindfulness and self care! Her podcast is dedicated to exploring various healing modalities to find deeper self awareness. If you are looking for ways to express yourself authentically & get in touch with your inner creativity, then this episode is for you!

Some of the topics we discussed include...

  • The many layers of personal development and becoming who you want to be through creative mindfulness and personal expression.
  • The fine balance between finding fulfillment in new creative activities and avoiding overwhelm from trying too many things at once.
  • How to let CREATIVITY, not a specific practice, drive your creative evolution.
  • The 5 areas of self care, and how to decide which one serves you best at any given moment.
  • How creative self care activities such as free writing (or my Self Care Adventure Cards) can help you break down barriers within yourself and design your best life.

Here's what Christy had to say about our chat:

Jenni Kowal is a multi-passionate, visual artist and personal development coach specializing in self care and creative exploration. Founder of Anytime Creative, she offers a variety of life coaching services, & mindfulness support. Her mission is to help scattered and multi-passionate creatives use self care to fuel their creative expression, get out of their own way and spend more time in flow! In this episode we talk all about self care, self expression, and allowing this idea of being "multi-passionate" be ok.

I hope this discussion will inspire you to find new ways to increase your creativity through daily mindfulness & self care practices.

So grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and find the podcast episode here!

(Don’t forget to follow Christy on Instagram for more resources on connecting to your inner self!)

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