The Sparkling Hippie Podcast: Writing as Creative Self Care

Jenni Kowal
The Sparkling Hippie Podcast: Writing as Creative Self Care

How does writing and self care increase your creativity?

You’ll want to listen to Episode 62 of The Sparkling Hippie Podcast to find out! My friend and colleague, Haley Hoover, recently invited me to the show for an amazing discussion about how self care can help you unravel the creative web to show up for your creative work - particularly in the form of WRITING!

We chatted about…

  • Why self care is important for business owners.
  • How writing helps you tap into your intuition to recharge your creativity.
  • The benefits of morning pages & journaling to release and express.
  • Some resources we offer to you get in the creative writing flow and practice a more intuitive self care routine in your daily life.

Here’s what Haley had to say about our discussion:

You are rapidly building your business and also rapidly feeling drained, exhausted and out of ideas!  Have no fear, Jenni Kowal is here to help. Jenni Kowal helps creatives fuel their expression, sustain their creativity and harness ideas through self care and personal exploration.  She is the head Graphic Designer at The Sparkling Hippie Publishing Company and has been a wonderful peer, friend and business partner to me for many years.

In this Episode you will learn:
- How to define self care as a business owner
- Why you should plan your days around radical self care
- What are Morning Pages and how to use them to "clear your brain gunk"
- How to get
150+ self care prompts for any season, place or time

Did this spark some curiosity? 

If you’ve been looking for ways to find more creative energy in your business, you’ll want to save this episode to your playlist and follow Haley on Instagram.

And if you’re ready to improve your writing practice, here are some ways to begin!

Sign Up for 30 Days of Reflection - a month of daily journal prompts to spark your inner journey

Join the Writers Club - a free community for spiritual entrepreneurs to find more flow & fulfillment through writing.

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