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Thank you for taking part! 

What You Can Expect Inside:

Creativity is more fun with support

**This community is now closed** 

Hey, I'm your guide, Jenni!

I created this community because I believe that creativity doesn't need to happen in a vacuum.

I also believe that self care is the key to getting creatively unstuck (which is why I created the Self Care Adventure Cards.) and with community support, we can make our self care goals happen.

Reading July starts July 1st - gain accountability for your reading habit! 

Some things you might want to know....

The Creative Adventurers community is completely free, but you may have some questions before you join!

the community is hosted on geneva

Geneva is a wonderful messaging app available on web, desktop, and mobile. It is like a mixture of Slack, Discord, Zoom and Mighty Networks. It's a one size fits all! 

It’s completely free!

(I may be upselling some stuff, but it’s mainly a pitch free place except for the Shameless Plugs channel)

Monthly challenges help keep you accountable

The monthly challenges will vary each month, and you will be provided with resources + a place to check in for extra accountability.

no hate speech or bullying

This is a brave space, and no hate speech or bullying will be tolerated.

What are you waiting for?