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Postcards from Bali is LIVE!
How it works: 

Purchase a 5x7 postcard of any photo from Bali (yes, you get to choose this time!) before April (TBD) and receive your custom postcard with a handwritten note in the mail coming to you in Late April(ish). See the postcards here!

Green & Blue

$ 25.00 USD
Green & Blue
$ 25.00 USD
$ 25.00 USD


Brussels, Belgium

Behind The Photo:

A simple color study somehow captured my entire study abroad trip, as I used it on my book cover "Capturing the Nuances of Europe Through Color" (what a mouthful.) Before I studied abroad, I did a kickstarter to raise money to help cover costs of travel in order to get some of these shots you're seeing in my feed today. I am so grateful for all of the support that I received! In the end I was able to ship out some super colorful prints, including some copies of my self published book.

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