Is it time to receive something other than junk mail?

I love taking photos, and I want to send you one in the mail! 

what is this, you ask?

Well, for starters, who doesn't love receiving mail? (sorry minimalists!) Especially with a custom photo and a handwritten note? Your contribution will really help me to make more photos in the future.

I have done 3 postcard sales in the past - Postcards from the US, Postcards from Colorado, and Postcards from the US. I've also traveled to over 11 countries and 40+ US States, always with camera in hand! 

But wait! Do I get to choose what kind of photo? 

Yes! I have a variety of photos in my catalog. You will be able to choose from a Mountain Photo, Citylife Photo, or a Color Study Photo. For the postcard packs, I will send a mixture of all three! You don't get to choose the actual photo - that part makes it more fun :) 

We have 3 purchase options - buy 1, Buy 1 for you & 1 for a friend, or a 5 Pack of blank postcards (save 10%!) for you to use (these are as good as photo prints for your personal gallery!) 

(Please allow 2 weeks for delivery) 

Purchase Options

1 Postcard
(for you)
• A custom photo postcard from  Jenni's portfolio
• A photo taken by yours truly
• A personalized note
buy now
1 for you,
1 for a friend
• 2 custom photo postcards from  Jenni's portfolio
• 1 postcard for you
• 1 will be sent to a friend - I will let them know you are thinking about them!
• Personalized note on each card
* Please add friends address in Order Notes upon checkout
buy right now
pack of 5 Postcards
(save 10%)
• 5 custom photo postcards variety pack from Jenni's portfolio
• Blank - Keep them for yourself or fill in to send to friends
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About Jenni

Hey, I'm Jenni, owner of Anytime Creative. I help creatives get unstuck,

I picked up a camera at 14 years old and was taking photos of mundane things, getting that shallow depth for field and following my cats around. Now, I still take photos of the simple things around the world - focusing in on the color to bring out a different kind of extraordinary. I am inspired by sneaking down alleyways and studying the textures and colors, and feeling like I'm in my own corner of the world. I believe that everyone is in their own way, regardless of the medium. It is one of my favorite creative outlets! I've done 3 Postcard Sales before this and loved it.

Self Care Adventure Cards

Free Shipping worldwide! 

An elegant card deck that sparks inspiration for everyday self care adventures, featuring designs inspired by nature.

$ 39.00 USD

What's in the box?!

62 Self Care Cards

With 62 cards in the 5 areas of self care, there are over 150 self care prompts to spark your self care journey. Each card is "themed" and contains 1-6 prompts to get you going!

Engraved Wood Block

Do you ever pull a card and want to remember it for the day? The "I Am Enough" engraved woodblock serves two purposes - as a great reminder that yes, you ARE enough, and also to keep your daily or weekly card pull present in your day.

5 Reflection Bookmarks

Enjoy 5 reflection bookmarks that share prompts from the 5 areas of self care. You can easily put these in your journal to refer back to, or use a regular bookmark and get inspired while you read!

Topographic Card Cloth

Want to pull the cards on a sacred cloth, or wrap them up when you are done? Or both? The topographic card cloth serves many purposes (some have used it as a dog bandana) and it's entirely up to you!

10 Page Guidebook

You don't have to go it alone! The guidebook is here to guide you through your self care journey, sharing the explanations of the 5 areas of self care and many many ways that you can use the deck

Custom Fit Box

All of this goodness comes wrapped up in a magnetic box designed to house this self care kit. You can easily carry this around on the go, or wrap your cards up in the card cloth if you want easy access to them!