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Postcards from Bali is LIVE!
How it works: 

Purchase a 5x7 postcard of any photo from Bali (yes, you get to choose this time!) before April (TBD) and receive your custom postcard with a handwritten note in the mail coming to you in Late April(ish). See the postcards here!

Snow Topped Houses

$ 25.00 USD
Snow Topped Houses
$ 25.00 USD
$ 25.00 USD


Interlaken, Switzerland

Behind The Photo:

This is one of my favorite photos - it blends together color and quaint city life, all from above. When I go to any city I have a strong urge to get to the highest point so I can take it all in from a new perspective. It also plays into my curiosity, "what is happening in each of those homes?" the voyeur in me always wonders.

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